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Learning the tin whistle shouldn't be hard.

I love Irish music and the tin whistle and have always wanted to learn to play.... but where and how to begin. I have been looking at YouTube videos but everything seems daunting and confusing and I have no idea where to start. I have no idea who teaches tin whistle or where I'll find the time to learn.

The Tin Whistle Academy was created to solve all these problems in easy to follow step-by-step lessons that show you everything you need to know on your journey to become a tin whistle player.

Step-By-Step Video Tin Whistle Lessons

20+ hours of high quality video tin whistle lessons broken down into easy to follow steps with video, audio, sheet music and diagrams to help make learning easy and fun. 

Tin Whistle Tunes

20+ video tune tutorials broken down by phrase with adjustable tempos and tips on how to play the tune properly with printable sheet music and tin whistle tabs. New tunes added monthly.

Wendy Quinn

"I went to a Gaelic Storm concert and was instantly drawn to the whistle. Pete told me he could teach me to play if I wanted and I bought a tin whistle the next day. I have had several lessons with Pete and can now play a couple songs, love being able to learn from Pete."

Andrea Dowdall

"Pete is a great teacher. He teaches our young daughter online and she is now playing a lot of her favorite songs. His lessons are worth every penny and my daughter loves him, she calls him "My Pete" I love how well everything is so well explained. It makes it very simple."

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There are many tune tutorials just like available with accompanying sheet music and notes about the tune.


What's Included In Your Membership

20+ Hours of High Quality Video Content ($1,200+ Value)

Private lessons are great, but they are also very expensive and time consuming. On average, private music lessons cost $60/hr. That's $1 per minute, so the value of over 1,200 minutes of video content would equal at least $1,200, not to mention the time and money you save by not having to travel to and from lessons.

100+ Easy-to-Follow Video Lessons

From how to hold a whistle to playing a ripping reel. These easy to follow high quality video lessons will help guide the absolute beginner or novice player achieve their full potential in a fraction of the time traditional lessons require. These videos cover all the tin whistle embellishments broken down with proven exercises to allow you to master the embellishment quickly. 

20+ Tune Tutorials

Quickly learn to play popular tin whistle tunes broken down by phrase with adjustable speeds. All tunes include tips on how to play tune correctly, sheet music with the notation written in and tin whistle tabs. New tunes added monthly.

Tune Books (*1 year membership)

Included with a 1 year membership are 2 digital tune books. 40 Essential Tin Whistle Tunes and The Gaelic Storm Tin Whistle Collection. The 50 Essential Tin Whistle Tunes collection includes 50 of the most popular tunes for the tin whistle. The Gaelic Storm Tin Whistle Collection includes a collection of tunes I have written and arranged for Gaelic Storm on the tin whistle over the years.

Discounts on Private Lessons

Members of the Tin Whistle Academy will receive discounts on private zoom lessons as well.

Email Assistance

You will have email assistance from me anytime you need some extra help.

7 Day FREE Trial

You will have 7 days to try out the site before you get charged anything. Simply cancel before the 7th day if you don't enjoy these lessons.

100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee for 30-Days

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Tin Whistle Academy, contact me within the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

About the Teacher,

Peter Purvis

Peter grew up in the small village of Merrickville, located in the Ottawa Valley, Canada -- An area famous for its fiddle players, step dancing and maple syrup.

He began playing the Highland pipes at the age of 12 and began playing the Uilleann pipes and tin whistle at the age of 16. Growing up, he had great opportunities to take lessons and play with some of Canada's finest pipe bands, uilleann pipers and whistle players. It was these lessons from elite pipers and whistle players at a very young age that helped to mold him into the player he is today. ​

​He has an accomplished solo career, winning several championship supreme titles in North America as well as gold medals in both light music and Piobaireachd at the North American championships. His solo career took him to Gr. 1 before taking a leave from competitions to play with the internationally touring band, Gaelic Storm.  

Peter has been a part of the band Gaelic Storm since 2004.  He has recorded 2 DVDs and 9 Albums with the band, 7 of which were #1 in World music on the Billboard charts. Gaelic Storm has earned a reputation as one of the world-music scene’s preeminent Celtic bands. 

When he is not on the road with the band, Peter teaches and runs the Highland Bagpipe Academy, Uilleann Pipe Academy and Tin Whistle Academy.

Annual Membership

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  • 7 Day FREE Trial
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  • Gaelic Strom Tune Book
  • 20% OFF Private Lessons
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1 Year Membership For The Price Of 4 Lessons.

Learning from a teacher one-on-one is invaluable. However, its also very expensive. On average, private bagpipe lessons cost $60/hr. That's $1 per minute and The Tin Whistle Academy has over 20 hours of high quality instructional video included in a membership. That's over 1,200 minutes of video content and at $1 per minute that would equal at least $1,200, not to mention the time and money you save by not having to travel to and from lessons.

These lessons can be done on your own time when ever it's convenient for you. Plus, you will have my personal guidance and help along the way to ensure you progress in the right direction.

As a special bonus for signing up for a year you will also receive 2 FREE digital tune books from me. One full of the 40 most essential tin whistle tunes and the other of tunes I have written or arranged for Gaelic Storm. Both make an excellent addition to any tin whistle players repertoire. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

for 30-Days

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the Tin Whistle Academy, contact me within the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.